Device Engineering Inc (DEI) is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer that supplies a portfolio of standard products targeted primarily toward avionics including transceivers/receivers/drivers for Arinc 429 and other communications protocols; discrete/digital converters; and other general purpose components. DEI also supplies a select offering of mixed-signal ASICs and analog arrays, specializing in hard-to-find technologies like high voltage; trailing edge/ obsolete replacement; RF; stitched reticle and voltage transient immunity. Markets served are primarily Mil/Aero, Commercial Aerospace, Medical and high-end Industrial.

Electronic Devices, Inc. offers an extensive selection of diode bridges, low and high voltage diodes, high voltage Assemblies, and custom rectifiers that are available in a wide range of voltage and current ratings, recovery times. Products are available in both Surface Mount and Thru Hole packages.

Fremont Micro Devices is a privately held fabless semiconductor company that is fast becoming a leader in non-volatile memory products and high efficiency power management solutions. Our patented UltraEE™ EEPROM technology delivers the best price performance low density memory in the industry. FMD has technologies tailored to Power Management from 0.9V to 500V which enable compact, high-efficiency, cost-effective power supplies/converters for a wide range of lighting, consumer and industrial electronics, in AC-DC and DC-DC application. FMD offers a wide selection of low-to-high resolution digitally controlled potentiometers, also known as digital potentiometers, or digpots, in single dual and quad configurations, available in both linear and non-linear tapers.

The Intronics Power Conversion product line consists of DC/DC modules from 1 to 150 watts, AC/DC converters from 5 to 350 watts, custom hybrid power supplies, Analog Devices legacy module products consisting of Isolation Amps, signal conditioners, A/D & D/A modules, S&H, Temperature Transmitters, & Panel Meters. Contract manufacturing services for design, assembly, test and packaging are also available.

Kimdu Corporation designs and produces advanced technology products for the commercial, industrial, and military markets. Kimdu specializes in Arinc-429, 825, & 1553 Protocol Converters. Mil-Std. 704 Power Converters, and Synchro Converters.

With over 60 yrs in business, first as Reed & Reese and then as Standard Industries, the SI team has the mature experience to solve many technical issues and stay competitive in the Global Marketplace from Anaheim, California.

SI Manufacturing does custom and build to print precision magnetic components, space, mil spec, and medical applications. Products include power transformers, magnetic amplifiers, and precision transformers for mil spec applications. SI also has precision winding and encapsulation capabilities as well as custom and build to print Mil Spec Power Supplies and assemblies.

Power Supplies
Magnetics of every size and description
Thru Hole and Surface Mount PCA assembly
Mechanical assembly to precision tolerances
Contract manufacturing with complete inventory control
Comprehensive electronic testing
Environmental testing

SI Product Sheet

Silver Telecom offers state of the art 5V and 3.3V SLIC modules with on board voltage conversion for VoIP, Ringing, CO and COIC applications.  They also offer PoE (Power over Ethernet) modules for Ethernet Network powered peripherals.

Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in IC replacement solutions. Tekmos has engineered redesigns of Intel, NXP, and Freescale Microcontrollers. Tekmos can convert ASICs or FPGAs into custom ASICs working from your design files. Tekmos also offers high temperature rated products rated for 225º C on their SOI process and up to 175º C on their .35µ CMOS process.

Union Semiconductor, founded in 2001, is a fabless integrated circuit design house for high performance linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The products include power management circuits, interface circuits, analog switches, ESD protection and EMI filters.